About myvirtualdoctor

myvirtualdoctor is result of years of experience and feedback working with students and their frustrations with accessing healthcare services. Many students across Canada are often displaced from their homes when they go to college or university and may not have access to their own doctor. Moreover, more and more students don’t have a doctor at all. In addition to this, students lead a difficult lifestyle juggling between school and personal responsibilities, getting to a doctor is often low on the list of priorities. There needed to be a better way to help manage student healthcare and create easier access to doctors!

Here is where Synergy Gateway and our long standing expertise in the area student compliance and healthcare lived up to the challenge. We envisioned providing students with access to healthcare services from their devices and wanted to ensure that it was delivered in a fast, secure and convenient manner.

After years of research and development we are proud to introduce myvirtualdoctor powered by Synergy Gateway. Ontario’s first and only exclusive healthcare service for students. We provide coverage to thousands of students and are improving their lives everyday.

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